Vein Consultations

To best treat your vein problems, you will be taken through a series of steps to thoroughly evaluate your condition. Vein problems can be quite painful and visually unappealing, so as we conduct your exam, your vein care professional will do his best to ensure your diagnosis and treatment are as swift as they are effective.

Evaluating your current issues

Your consultation will begin with a look at your current vein problem and a discussion about the course of its development. Before coming in to your appointment, think about when you started noticing issues and how the problems have progressed up to the present day. Your family history of vein disease will also be discussed to gain a full picture of your condition.

Previous vein treatments and general medical history

If you’ve had any vein treatments in the past, it’s important to mention them during your consultation. By looking at previous treatment sites, your doctor will find clues on the effectiveness of certain techniques, which will help guide the formulation of your present plan. In addition to previous vein treatments, any other medical considerations you may have will need to be taken into account.

Physical Examination and Ultrasound

After hearing your symptoms and medical history, the next step in your consultation is a thorough physical examination. All of this information together will give your doctor a foundation on which he can either begin treatment or perform a diagnostic ultrasound, if necessary.

An ultrasound test is painless, takes about 30 minutes and won’t restrict your activities. Using high-frequency sound waves, the ultrasound will provide an image of both your shallow and deep veins to detect blockages and faulty valves. Once your vein specialist can clearly see what’s causing your issue, he can then develop your treatment plan.

Start addressing your vein disease today. For more information, or to schedule an appointment at Total Vein Care, call (225) 442-9663.

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