Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins –– the small, but annoying veins are easy to recognize. They resemble spider webs made of thin red blood vessels, and appear on the legs, feet and face.

Though usually harmless, spider veins can in rare cases cause itching or burning. They can also be an indicator of vein disease, or venous insufficiency (when vein valves fail and can no longer move blood from the limbs back to the heart).

Spider vein treatments

The great news is, today’s spider vein treatments are minimally invasive, quick, involve no downtime and can deliver outstanding results. These treatments include:

  • Sclerotherapy This procedure doesn’t require anesthesia and can be performed in our office. Spider veins are injected with a solution that scars and closes them, causing them to fade in a few weeks. Treatment time ranges from 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Laser treatment – At Total Vein Care, we offer advanced VeinGogh laser, which uses a unique microburst technology designed to provide greater precision to treat spider veins.

Minimizing symptoms of spider veins through self-care

Incorporating some of the steps below could help decrease the discomfort caused by vein problems. You may even be able to prevent or slow the development of varicose veins.

  • Walking is an effective way to encourage blood circulation in your legs. Ask your doctor about an appropriate activity level.
  • Watch your weight and diet. Losing extra weight takes pressure off your veins. A healthy diet helps, too. Follow a low-salt diet to prevent swelling caused by water retention.
  • Make a fashion statement. Opt for low heels to give your calf muscles a better workout, which is better for your veins. Wear loose clothing around your waist, legs or groin. Tight clothing can reduce blood flow.
  • Elevate your legs. If possible, take short breaks each day to elevate your legs above the level of your heart. This improves leg circulation.
  • Don’t sit or stand for too long. Frequently change your position to encourage blood flow.

Whether you’re interested in eliminating spider veins or want to stop suffering with painful and unsightly varicose veins, contact Total Vein Care in Baton Rouge. Our experienced, caring and credentialed physicians provide specialized care for vein problems and complex vascular conditions. From outpatient treatments to vascular surgery, we are dedicated to providing the most advanced treatments for the best possible outcomes.

To learn more or schedule an appointment or vein screening, call (225) 442-9663 or click here to use our online form.

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