How To Prepare for Endovenous Laser Treatment

Endovenous laser treatment is a relatively newer procedure that is quickly becoming a more popular way to treat varicose veins, making traditional vein stripping a thing of the past. Vein stripping has long been used to remove these unsightly veins but is more invasive and requires more recovery time. With EVLT patients are able to return to normal activity faster with fewer side effects.

Preparing For Treatment

With both vein stripping and endovenous laser treatment your Louisiana doctor will assess your vein conditions. During the consultation process a full work up will be done to make sure you are a candidate for the particular procedure. Unlike vein stripping, EVLT will allow you to return to your daily routine sooner so you do not have to plan to be away from work or family. Endovenous laser treatment can also be done in under an hour in contrast to the 90 minutes and possible overnight stay when undergoing vein stripping.

What to Expect During the Procedure

EVLT is a minimally invasive procedure requiring the use of a catheter that is inserted into the vein. Using light energy heat is directed into the vein damaging the vein which causes scar tissue. The vein eventually dies and blood is rerouted to nearby healthy veins. The doctor in Louisiana will use a local anesthetic to numb the areas before starting the procedure. Vein stripping requires multiple incisions and stitches making the procedure more painful and much longer than EVLT and will be done under general anesthesia to put you to sleep. With laser treatment large and small veins can be eliminated. Depending on your case, you may need to return for several sessions.


Because traditional vein stripping uses general anesthetic you may have to stay overnight to recovery from the surgery. Also due to the incisions made, physically activity should be halted for days and possibly weeks. Recovery time for endovenous laser treatment in Louisiana is much simpler. You will be required to wear a compression stocking for at least a week, but this should not inhibit your daily activities. Some discomfort after the procedure is normal but is far less than with vein stripping. You will also meet again with your doctor to make sure the vein is closed and healing properly.

If you feel you are a candidate for endovenous laser treatment in the Louisiana area you can contact Total Vein Care at (225) 245-3540 or learn more by going to

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