Is Your Job Putting You at Risk for Vein Disease?

Prolonged sitting while at work has been linked to vein problems

Many of us work at jobs that require long periods of sitting or standing in one position. Perhaps you spend your day working at a computer. Maybe you’re a manicurist, a bus driver or a checkout clerk at a store. All of these jobs have one thing in common: they could be putting you at risk for vein disease.

Vein disease is a broad term encompassing spider veins, varicose veins and other problems related to venous insufficiency. The underlying problem is the body’s inability to efficiently return blood to the heart, resulting in the pooling of blood in the lower legs and feet. Risk factors for vein disease include:

  • Family history
  • Age
  • Female gender
  • Pregnancy
  • High body mass index (BMI)
  • Sedentary job

While we can’t control our age, family history or gender, we can work to minimize the other risk factors. Things you can do to help prevent vein disease:

  • Exercise to build lean muscle in your legs
  • Take frequent walks
  • Wear compression stockings
  • Elevate your legs
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time: get up and move around every 30 minutes
  • Do leg exercises at your desk such as leg lifts and ankle rotations
  • When standing in one position, use a small box or low stool to elevate one leg, frequently switching legs
  • When traveling in the car or on an airplane for more than eight hours, be proactive:
    • Drink lots of fluids
    • Avoid alcohol
    • Stretch your legs and frequently change positions
    • Take driving breaks
    • Every 2 hours, get up and move about the airplane cabin
    • Wear compression socks/stockings
    • Avoid using seat leg rests that put pressure on the back of your calf or behind your knees

If you’re concerned about your risk for vein disease, or if you’ve noticed changes in your legs and feet, the expert team at Total Vein Care can help. We provide complete vein care from diagnosis to treatment, offering state-of-the-art technology in our Baton Rouge office. Call (225) 442-9663 to schedule a consultation, or use our convenient online appointment form.

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