The Facts About VNUS Closure

At Total Vein Care Louisiana we are committed to providing you with the latest technologically advanced procedures. The VNUS Closure, also known as radiofrequency ablation, is a minimally invasive treatment that can be performed in our office by our trained physicians. Having varicose veins is troubling enough, without having to go through lengthy and painful treatments. With the VNUS closure method the veins in question can be treated in less than an hour with local anesthetic. With this procedure you will be back to your normal routine within a day.
How Does VNUS Closure Work?
The doctors and staff will walk you through the procedure as it is performed and will answer any questions you may have. The area being treated will be locally anesthetized so that you do not feel any pain. Our doctor will gently make a small incision, usually at the knee, where a catheter is inserted. When the catheter is placed, radiofrequency energy is used to heat the varicose vein, leading to its collapse. Once the problem vein is closed the blood will be redirected to nearby healthy veins. A small scar will be left in place of the vein which will eventually be absorbed by your body.
What is the Recovery Time?
After the VNUS Closure is performed you will be monitored by our doctors for up to two hours to minimize complications. Our doctors will place a compression bandage to help with swelling. You can return to work and other normal activities directly after the procedure. You may be given a pain medicine to minimize any discomfort after the procedure. Take precautions while performing strenuous activity such as exercise for at least a week after the ablation. You will want to allow your body enough time to heal before returning to your regular physical routine.
What are the Side Effects?
Side effects related to the VNUS Closure are minimal. Common after effects are bruising, swelling, numbness and scarring but these are usually short lived. The compression socks and pain medications should help to curb any of these possible problems. Very rarely more serious complications are seen but our doctors will discuss any potential for that before you undergo the procedure. Let us know any other health problems you may have so we can accurately assess your needs.
Total Vein Care Center has performed many of these treatments with great success. You can see our results by checking out our before and after page. Call us (225) 245-3540 today.

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