Diagnosing Vein Disease

If your primary care physician believes you are at risk for vein disease he may refer you to a vascular specialist. The vascular specialists at Total Vein Care can evaluate your known (and unknown) vein issues, and recommend the best treatment.

How is vein disease diagnosed?

When you share your concerns about your vein health with a vascular specialist, he will do a physical examination to check for any visible signs of vein disease. For example, he will check your legs, arms, and neck for swelling. Preliminary steps for diagnosing vein disease may also include a series of questions about your family history. Additionally, your doctor may want a detailed description of any aches or pains you are experiencing, particularly in your legs.

After your initial consultation and physical exam with one of our highly credentialed vascular specialists, we use an advanced duplex color ultrasound-imaging tool to determine the extent of your vein problems.

This testing is performed onsite at our Vascular Specialty Laboratory – one of the first accredited vascular laboratories in the country. Our experienced and certified vascular technologists perform all tests using state-of-the-art equipment.

While the test provides sophisticated information, it is simple and painless for you. The test requires no special preparation on your part, and it only takes about an hour to perform.

You may be familiar with ultrasound technology, which is a noninvasive diagnostic tool that uses high frequency sound waves to produce an image on a screen. Duplex color ultrasound is a more advanced form of ultrasound technology. It produces color-coded images to show our surgeons where your blood flow is severely blocked or where vein valves don’t close properly, this issue is also known as venous insufficiency. Determining which valves are insufficient is vital for planning effective treatment.

Duplex color ultrasound combines:

  • conventional imaging information to show the structure of your blood vessels, and
  • information on blood flow through your veins.

To properly treat many vein issues, we must first have an accurate diagnosis so that we can get to the root of the problem.

If you’re ready to find out the status of your vein health, contact us at 907-885-0390 to schedule a vascular ultrasound today.

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